Why We Do Not Copy Cosmetics

Why we don't copy cosmetics

Will You Copy This Cosmetic For Me?

Since my earliest days as a formulator almost half of the inquiries I receive are about creating an exact copy of an existing cosmetic product. My response has always been: NO.

Even at Green Alchemy we have not yet really started telling the world about our business and one of the first inquiries we received was from someone who asked us to copy a very nice and innovative product on the market. The company who asked us to copy the product for them was not satisfied with anything less than a 100% copy of that product. Lorraine and I politely rejected this inquiry.

To make it clear for our future customers and to-be customers, we decided to mention on our website (on our formulation design) that we will not copy any existing cosmetic product when you hire us for our services. However, we want to explain why we are taking this approach to our formulation services.


Be the Original, not the Copy

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a one-woman, a medium-sized or a multi-billion company (which is a rare case when it comes to truly “natural” products), ultimately a cosmetic product on the market is the result of years of research, trial & horror.

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It could be a single mompreneur, a formulation chemist or a huge team of formulation, analysis, safety, marketing, packaging design experts who have worked on this product that is now on the market and since it’s attractive or successful or both, there are always others who want to copy cosmetics.

That product is the essence of months and years of considerations and discussions, frustrations, hopes, failures, adjustments, tests and finally success of a single person or a team. No matter if we personally like the company and agree with their mission statement or not, we deeply respect the efforts of those who have created this certain product and reject any inquiries to copy it.


We Value Integrity and Originality

We would do the same with your products. No matter whether you are our customers or not, we wouldn’t copy any of your products for anybody else either.

We can however, become inspired by a certain product on the market and create something similar (concept, application formulation, etc.) to that product but please accept our policy of not copying any existing product. There are other companies and consultants who offer “reverse engineering” and “copying” of existing products very openly on their brochures and social media presence and they certainly can do a great job for you but we do not belong to that group.

We thank you for your understanding.

3 thoughts on “Why We Do Not Copy Cosmetics

  • Denise Mendenhall on November 17th, 2015

    Bravo! Too many people want to reverse engineer products rather than work hard at creating something of their own and work at marketing it under their own name with its own unique qualities. I’ve seen people with tweets and posts touting replicas. In my opinion, it is the equivalent of stealing the hard work of either a company, a fellow formulator or a group of chemists.

    Due to this practice going on, I wonder how many people don’t even post all the wonderful creations they make on social media and just take their items to shows? I am betting a whole lot more than you think. Also, how many people are blocking those on certain facebook, instagram, & twitter because they know who those thieves are?

    • Lorraine on November 19th, 2015

      Having to list cosmetic ingredients on your label is a double-edged sword – on one hand people want to know exactly what they are applying to your skin, on the other hand they can then copy your product which you spent years developing…

  • Oksana on February 8th, 2016

    I think that Copying formulas is a niche for experts who lack their organic skills as a creative formulators. Exact copy – it is not only the list of ingredients, it is the whole process and quantities.
    on the other side to visit an organic skin care store to look for possible ingredients and compositions may give you a whole lots of inspiration and ideas of your own.

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