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50 Shades of Natural

Is my cosmetic ingredient natural?

One of the most frequent questions I’m confronted with, both as a tutor and as a formulator is people asking me: “is my cosmetic ingredient natural?“. The answer is almost always: it depends on your definition of natural. The term natural is not predefined (at least in the cosmetic industry) and it really depends on your overall concept and philosophy. […]

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3 Biggest Mistakes Made By Cosmetic Formulators

3 Biggest Mistakes Made when Formulating Cosmetics

Here at Green Alchemy, we have many years of experience in cosmetic chemistry, biology and natural skincare formulation. We also have the privilege of working with artisan skincare entrepreneurs all around the world on their products and ranges. Many of our customers have trained with us at Formula Botanica and have the foundations in knowing […]

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