Cosmetic Ingredient Advice

Cosmetic Ingredients Advice


Feel overwhelmed by all the different cosmetic ingredients?

Formulators of natural and organic cosmetics and skincare know that there are a huge number of cosmetics ingredients. You undoubtedly feel overwhelmed by all the different oils, hydrosols, extracts, essential oils, preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilisers to choose from.

In fact, this is the number one issue we encounter with artisan cosmetics formulators – they don’t know how to choose from the overwhelming array of natural ingredients and they don’t know when their formulation is finished.

If this sounds like you, we can help you.


Let Green Alchemy help you choose the most suitable ingredients for your individual purposes and concepts

We can help you navigate the minefield of choosing the right ingredients for your cosmetic product. You don’t need to purchase every type of oil, butter, hydrosol or extract on the market and bankrupt yourself in the process, because we’ve tried most of them.

Once you decide to use our cosmetic ingredients advisory service, we will accompany you in a step-by-step procedure to find the suitable ingredients for each individual purpose and concept, considering all the following aspects:

  • Your concept, specific claims and product purposes
  • Your desired packaging system (to eliminate ingredients that do not match your desired packaging system in terms of stability and microbiological integrity)
  • Your desired/planned shelf-life of the product
  • Compatibility with other ingredients in the formulation
  • Compliance with the regional legislations of your desired market
  • Your definition of natural, natural identical, naturally derived and any intentions and plans to be certified
  • Your production volumes (to check the availability and price of the desired ingredients. Some ingredients are not available in small quantities at all or the quality of retail supplies are not quite reliable)
  • Any ‘palm oil-free’ claims of the finished product

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